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Extensive range of mouldings

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Ceiling Roses

Ceiling Roses in a wide range of style, from plain, flat, circular, to exceptionally large and decorative..

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Cornice Mouldings

We offer a broad range of assorted styles, both larger and smaller cornice and coving, either with ornamentation or fully flat.

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Highest quality

We stock stylish mouldings manufactured from lightweight materials and the lowest prices on the market.

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Wall Mouldings

Enhance your home with decorative Wall Mouldings in a variety of styles.

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Put up our decorative door head for a characteristic touch to your interior decor

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Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling elements are used to create decorative suspended ceilings. They can also be fitted on walls to create panel walls.

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Modern moulding details made from polyurethane that are easy to install on your own.

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Extensive stock

We have hundreds of moulding profiles in stock. If you are unsure whether the mouldings will fit, then we would be pleased to send you up to four sample pieces for all dado rails, floor mouldings and ceiling coving for indoor use.

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Try before you buy

If you are in doubt about what type of moulding you would like, then we would be happy to send you up to four product samples. Read more at Customer service - Product samples..

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Our webshop has nearly everything you need to give your home or property a new appearance without having to spend a fortune. Never sales - Always low prices.

Satisfied customers

We have many satisfied and returning customers. Our webshop has been open since 2002. If you need help deciding which products are right for you, then please contact our Customer service