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Shop simple, decorated corner mouldings online. Our site invites you to choose corner mouldings that suit your wall moulding. You will notice that matching corners and mouldings share the same last three digits on the product’s name....

The stuccos we are selling are made of a lightweight material of the highest quality at the lowest prices on the market. Due to our right of withdrawal and price guarantee, you can feel safe that you are making a favorable purchase.

Modern materials give us many options to recreate, repair, and decorate stunning rooms of old times, and with more ease. Originally, stucco was made by craftsmen carving patterns in wood. When the industrial revolution took hold in Sweden, it became increasingly common to make industrial production of stucco in plaster. But these were very heavy and difficult to assemble! In the early 1960s two new materials appeared: polyurethane and polystyrene, which almost became the only ones used today.

All our corner mouldings are made of polyurethane, a shock- and water-resistant material. The material is sandable and easy to process with ordinary hand tools when set up. They can be painted with all kinds of paint. When cleaning, the material withstands moisture and most solvents.

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