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Buy ceiling tiles online! Ceiling tiles are used to create cassette- and decorative ceilings. The ceiling tiles can also be easily mounted on walls to create panel walls....

Our ceiling tiles are made of polyurethane, a lightweight material of the highest quality at the lowest prices on the market. 

Today's modern materials allow us to recreate or redesign home interiors, and even restoring historical and rich architectural features and unique layouts that might have been worn out with time. Instead of carving patterns out of wood or plaster, today's stuccos are manufactured using easier, cheaper, faster, and more environmentally friendly polyurethane and styrofoam.

Polyurethane is considered to be the best material in the industry of stuccos. Polyurethane is a shock- and water-resistant material with a fine, paintable, smooth surface that allows the nuances, curves, and other details to stand out clearly. The material is sandable and easy to process with standard hand tools when installing. Our products can also be used outdoors, and when cleaning, the material withstands moisture and most solvents. It should be noted though that the surface should be painted to protect from the UV rays.

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