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Buy ceiling rose online! Choose among ceiling roses in a variety of styles from plain, flat, or circular to large baroque. Select between classic or modern stucco made of polyurethane and styrofoam (polystyrene)....

Our ceiling roses are made of a lightweight material of the highest quality at the lowest prices on the market. Due to our right of withdrawal, you can feel safe that you are making a favorable purchase.

Formerly, stuccos were made through carving patterns out of wood. Several hundred years later, the wood was replaced by stucco in plaster. Today it is much easier! In the early 1960s, new materials developed, and they almost became the only ones used today, namely polyurethane and polystyrene (styrofoam).

Polyurethane is considered to be the best material: it is both impact-resistant and can withstand all kinds of paint. Styrofoam (polystyrene) is painted with water-based paint. For information on installation, go to the Instructions for Use in the menu bar where you can also read about "how to choose the right ceiling rose".

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