Buy your baseboards online! A high-quality baseboard or floor plinth helps frame a room. The market offers different qualities, therefore, choose your baseboards with care. With us, you will find a wide range of well-selected baseboards/ floor plinths based on specific standards such as picturesque design, function, and longevity....

Our baseboards meet the following requirements:
• Moisture-resistant material
• Environmentally friendly material & 100% recyclable
• Water- and shock-resistant
• Easy to clean
• Durable
• UV-resistant
• Easy installation
• Long durability

All our baseboards are made of a material that cannot be affected by moisture or temperature fluctuation. Having said that, in comparison with wooden baseboards, our baseboards do not risk neither swelling nor cracking.

One of our most appreciated assortments on baseboards is our premium models. These are specially developed to meet the construction industry's higher demands on functional and appealing design. They have an exclusive satin-like finishing, which has no equal in the market. The premium products are ideal for larger projects, such as hotels, banks, government and spa facilities, also for private homes where the product's specifications and design are fundamental.

Have a look at our entire range of baseboards and floor plinths below.

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