Stucco glue 300ml


€28.80 /l

Estimated delivery 26-06-2024 - 01-07-2024
  • Water resistant

Stucco glue is a water-based adhesive that is excellent for both wall and ceiling.

The stucco glue can be used as a filling compound that in one operation assembles and fills all our stucco products in polyurethane (PU) and polystyrene (PS).

For wet spaces, outdoors, or cooler surfaces, use our Turbo Glue 290ml.

The stucco glue can be sanded and overpainted.

Stucco glue 300ml is used for stuccos in both polyurethane and styrofoam. It is extra strong and dries fast!

The 300ml is ample for 9-12 meters of small moulding 4-6cm. This means about 1 tube per 10 meters.

The 300ml is ample for 7-8 meters of medium-sized and large moulding 8-10cm. In other words, about 3 tubes per 20 meters.

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