Takrosett K23

Ceiling rose K23

MeasureØ 43 cm

Estimated delivery 19-07-2024 - 22-07-2024
  • Simple installation
  • Water resistant
  • Termite resistant
  • Paint ready

Ceiling rose K23 is made of styrofoam and easily mounted with glue. The material is easy to work with— a do-it-yourself installation! You can simply drill a hole and cut out space for a lamp hook and cover in order to hide the cables on the back side of the product. Use water-based paint.

Ceiling rose

Originally, stucco was made by carving patterns out of wood, but several hundred years ago, industry began to manufacture stucco in plaster instead. However, today’s modern materials brought forth great creativity and potentials to recreate, repair, and redesign architectural buildings, aesthetic places and interiors: new as well as old. Moreover, the new materials are easy to work with and the prices are quite affordable. Modern stuccos are easily assembled with glue, no professional labor is needed. Also, it can be painted with the desirable color to make the decoration blend well with the ceiling.

Ceiling roses have traditionally been used in the middle of ceilings to provide a stylish and attractive finishing to light fixture. Ceiling roses have lately become popular and modern as they used to be centuries ago; they are now incorporated into many new buildings. Homeowners of older properties began to realize that their original ceiling roses have been damaged, removed, or, in many cases, they have never existed.
Our modern ceiling roses are surprisingly easy and affordable to install or to replace old ones.

Ceiling rose is used in the center of the ceiling as decoration. If a lamp hook is fitted, there is space in the ceiling rose to hide electrical cables. Also useful for wall mounting such as sconces.


Use ordinary hand tools to saw, grind, and process before assembly. Ceiling roses can be mounted with glue; superfluous glue can be immediately wiped off simply with water or mild soap solution. For further tips and instructions, refer to the Instructions for Use.

K23 5
Diameter (cm)
Thickness (cm)


Material description polystyrene

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