Cornice styrofoam GK19

4,50 € /m

€9.00 /pc
Measure200 x 10 x 10 cm
2.00 m (9.00 €)pc

Estimated delivery 23-05-2024 - 27-05-2024

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We are constantly improving our products for a longer shelf life and better quality. GK19 has been modified and cannot be pattern matched with the previous variant sold before 31/1 2024.
  • Simple installation
  • Water resistant
  • Termite resistant
  • Paint ready

Cornice styrofoam GK19 is an attractive and decorative moulding that gives a room a unique character. It is in a traditional and old-fashioned style, which is an outstanding decoration that fits well with homes that were built around the turn of the last century 1900. It will also be an excellent choice for renovation and preservation of historical architecture and original style of homes and old houses.

Cornice styrofoam GK19 is made of lightweight material polystyrene (styrofoam). The cornice is easy to set up with glue and can be painted with water-based paint.

Cornice styrofoam GK19

This type of cornice with carvings has traditionally been used in homes built 1880-1930. Unfortunately, owners of old houses and apartments are realizing that the original cornices have been worn out or totally removed over the years. They hesitate to renovate and replace them with new ones due to the high cost and challenging labor; hence our products and services.

We want to make it easy and smooth to recreate old and classic design of rooms and halls; therefore, we provide cornices made of a high-quality, lightweight material that you can easily set up on your own. We take pride in having the Nordic region's largest range of stucco at competitive prices and services. You may choose from hundreds of models and find a cornice that specifically suits your home, taste, and budget.

Cornice styrofoam GK19 is made of polystyrene (styrofoam). Read more about the material under the tab Material & Tips (PDF).

This model is also available in polyurethane, see Cornice Z104.

Set up

Read more about setting up cornices and what to consider under Instructions for Use.

GK19 4
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Material description polystyrene

description PDF (781.13k)

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