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Cornice Z271

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€40.00 /pc
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Cornice Z271 is made of polyurethane, which is a shock and water resistant material. It is impact resistant and has a white, thick, smooth, and paintable surface. The cornice is easy to set up with glue and it can withstand all types of paint.

Measure: 200x12,3x11,8cm
Quantity 2 m

Expected delivery date : 16/02/2023

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Today's modern materials allow us to recreate or redesign home interiors, and even restoring historical and rich architectural features and unique layouts that might have been worn out. Instead of carving patterns out of wood or plaster, today's stuccos are manufactured using easier, cheaper, faster, and more environmentally friendly polyurethane.

Cornice Z271 is made of a shock and water-resistant material. It is impact resistant and has a white, thick, smooth, and paintable surface. The material is sandable and easy to process with standard hand tools during the installation and can be painted with all sorts of paint.

When cleaning, the material can withstand moisture and most solvents. The installation of cornices is quite simple. You can take the measurements and do the cutting by yourself using standard hand tools for sawing, grinding, and processing the setting up. If you happen to use superfluous glue, this can easily be dealt with by an immediate wiping off with water or mild soap solution. When the cornices are set up and you have clogged the gaps with latex joints, you may then paint over the cornice to make it blend in with the ceiling and the wall. Larger cornices are easier to mount with the help of a dyckert nail or screw.

Read more about setting up cornices and what to consider under Instructions for Use.

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Polyurethane / Profoam
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