Golvlist QL021

Baseboard QL021

5,90 € /m

€11.80 /pc
Measure200 x 2 x 2,5 cm
2.00 m (11.80 €)pc

Estimated delivery 18-07-2024 - 22-07-2024

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  • Simple installation
  • Termite resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Shock & impact resistant

Baseboard QL021 is made of polyforce which is an impact-resistant, shock and water-resistant material that is not affected nor changed in the same way as wood. The baseboard or skirting board is easy to mount with glue or nails and it can be painted with a water-based paint.

A high-quality baseboard or floor plinth helps frame a room. The market offers different qualities; therefore, choose your skirting boards with care. With us, you will find a wide range of well-selected skirting boards / floor plinths based on specific standards such as appealing design, function, and longevity.

Our Baseboard QL021 meets the following requirements:
• Moisture-resistant material
• Environmentally friendly material & 100% recyclable
• Water- and shock-resistant
• Easy to clean
• Durable
• UV-resistant
• Easy installation
• Longevity

All our skirting boards are made of a material that cannot be affected by moisture or temperature fluctuation. Having said that, in comparison with wooden skirting boards, our baseboards do not risk neither swelling nor cracking.

The Polyforce material and the ScratchShield® function

A baseboard with a classic design that fits any floor is made of the extremely durable material called Polyforce covered with primary coating. The innovative ScratchShield technology makes the baseboard very scratch-resistant. Moreover, this particular baseboard allows you to hide cables and wires as it has little space at the back. The product is completely waterproof; hence its use in wet environments.

A baseboard with ScratchShield® technology turns the base’s surface substantially hard.

Polyforce is an extruded and impact-resistant polymer based on high-density polystyrene (HDPS).

The baseboard is pre-coated with white primer for better absorption of subsequent layers of paint. We recommend using water-based paint (acrylic, latex, vinyl).

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